5 rules to follow when establishing your baby’s nighttime schedule

Every mother wants to know when to start trying to get their baby on a schedule, what is the right way to do it, how fast can she get the baby into a schedule, is this schedule the right thing for the child and does the baby really need this schedule. I was breastfeeding my son until he was seven months old. Initially he had his bottle every three hours before I tried to skip night feedings. By the age of six months my son sleeps through the night from 7:30 pm to approximately 7:00 am without any night feedings. I would like to share some of the rules that I followed when I was establishing my baby’s schedule. These rules are pretty easy and they helped me immensely in establishing our baby’s schedule within four months.

buy dapoxetine in mumbai Rule 1: Parents should watch their baby’s development closely to make sure their baby is ready for a new schedule. All babies develop at different rates. If you think your baby is not ready it is better not to try to make any changes. No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, modifying the babies schedule when they are not yet ready for the change will not bring you any desired results. It is much better to wait for the right moment. Some babies are ready when they are three months old and other babies are ready when they are eight months old. If you see that your baby can sleep longer at night without food or he can eat more milk in one feeding these signs show that you can try a new schedule.

buy brand priligy Rule 2: Try to find out why your baby wakes up at night. A lot of the times newborn babies wake up not because they need to eat but because they feel uncomfortable or something may bother them. Newborns have colic problems all the time and this is entirely normal. Babies are frequently sensitive to any loud noises that can easily wake them. At this point, the baby does not know how to comfort itself without mommies help and may just need a little assistance getting back to sleep. There are techniques to help your baby learn to comfort itself and I will try to address that subject in another post. The main thing to take away from this rule is to make sure your baby is actually hungry before you give him milk.

dating sites rich singles Rule 3: Make sure your baby eats the same amount of food over the course of the day. When you decrease feedings, the total amount of milk for the day has to be the same. When babies grow, the size of their stomach grows and in turn they can eat more milk in one feeding. Every time you trying to drop feeding make sure you give him more milk during other feedings so the baby gets the same amount of milk every day.

new york city chinese dating Rule 4: Be consistent. Nobody said it is an easy process to establish a baby’s schedule. It can take a lot of time and effort, but it will take even more time if you are not consistent. You should do everything exactly the same every day and if you stop because you feel like you cannot accomplish anything it will bring you back to where you were at the beginning and you will have to start the process all over again. You have to have a lot of patience, but when you reach your goals you will feel so much better that you did it and you will know that you can do even more moving forward. Do not give up half way through.

Rule 5: Babies like to show their own characters. They may be ready for new changes but they do not necessarily want to cooperate with you. They can be stubborn and fussy for no reason. They want you to do what they want and not what you want them to do. You must be resolute and not give in. If you show your weakness they will sense it and it will make things harder on you. While you must stay strong through this process, try not to be too hard though because all new changes affect them a lot and we want to have only positive affects on the baby and baby’s development.

Using these five main rules, our sleepless nights ended after four months. Our baby was well rested all the time, he had a good and healthy appetite by dinnertime and he learned how to comfort himself without being coddled. It is so great!

I also have another post about establishing a schedule for daytime feedings. You can check it out here.

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