Establishing your baby’s daytime schedule

visit the site You probably already have seen my post about my 5 rules to follow when establishing your baby’s nighttime schedule. It is equally important to establish a daytime schedule.

anonymous As soon as we start to change nighttime feedings we should change daytime feedings as well. The more night feedings you skip the more milk you have to add to each feeding during the day because the baby has to have the same amount of milk as before in a 24-hour period. As I mentioned in the previous post, due to his growing body he can eat more milk in one feeding than he was eating when he was a newborn. Usually it is better to have the same time between feedings. So if it was 2 or 3 hours you can try to make 4 hours between feedings. And when you add solid food to you baby’s meals you can give it between milk feedings. I feed my son every 4 hours at 7am 11am 1pm and 7pm. I give him vegetables or fruit purée right after his bottle twice a day at the 11am and 7pm feedings. And I give him more milk in the morning and before bedtime and a little bit less during the day. But the total amount for the day is always the same. It is very important to know how much time between feedings is best for your baby or when he can eat more milk so you can split up the amount in the correct way.

dating a christian who is not abstinent It is also very important for your baby to have naps during the day. One afternoon nap and 1 or 2 catnaps throughout the day are a healthy napping schedule. You can see when your baby is getting tired and try to use that time to put him down to nap. I put my baby to sleep for an afternoon nap after his lunchtime 11am so he sleeps for 2 hours. If I see him rubbing his eyes during the day when he plays or he gets fussy I put him down for his catnaps for 30 minutes. You need to take into consideration your child’s development, how much he eats during the feedings, how much milk he needs on a daily basis, how long he can go between feedings and when is his best time of day for naps. Once you know all of that you can make a good schedule for you and your baby. Another rule for the daytime schedule is that you have to take into account some environmental factors. I am a stay at home mom so I have more options to choose from, but if you have a full-time or part-time job, your baby is staying with a nanny or he is in childcare you have to consider these as factors too. All of this can affect his schedule, but the baby should have the same daytime feedings no matter where your little one is during the day. You also need to make sure your baby is fine with his schedule. When you make a schedule of course you think about your baby first. You can try one schedule; if it does not really work for you then you can try to change it a little bit. As your baby grows you will have to make some changes as well.

The good news is that you can change as many times as you need until you get your desired result. It took me 4 months to establish out routine. when my son has his cat naps 2 or 3 times a day, when he is not too hungry by the time of his next feeding, when he has a good appetite when he eats, when he eats every day the same amount of his food. All of these are signs of a good schedule. It can take some time before you reach your goal, but when your baby is healthy and happy that is what matters and establishing the correct schedule will defiantly help him feel this way.

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