Making Homemade Baby Food

buy furosemide 20 mg When it was time to add solid food to our baby’s meals my husband and I decided that we are going to make our own baby food at home. Sometimes we buy little jars of organic veggie and fruit purée to have them in case we are out of homemade and it is our baby’s mealtime. 90% of the time we give our baby homemade purées though. We always try keep containers of baby’s food in our fridge and freezer.

lumigan 0.01 eye drops cost To make the baby’s purée we got a Baby Brezza Prima one-step baby food maker. We did some research online and we found this amazing product. You can find Baby Brezza in two sizes one smaller and the other bigger. I got the bigger one so I could make more purée at one time. It is much easier for me to make more food and freeze it to be used several days later or more. This machine saves me so much time. What I love about this product is that it is so easy to use it and it comes with a little book of recipes that are very handy. In this book you can find very useful information about what fruits and veggies you can give your little one at different ages, how long it takes to steam the different foods and it has the perfect description on how to prepare veggies and fruits before steaming them. On their website they have recipes and all the necessary information you will find useful.

You also can steam meats in this baby food maker. I was really surprised by this. My little one likes turkey apricot purée and chicken, broccoli and brown rice purée. My baby doesn’t really like chunky pieces of meat though so usually I just blend it in my regular blender for an additional 25-30 seconds. Not being able to grind meat to purée consistency is probably the only minus in this product to me.

Baby Brezza Octo

Baby Brezza Quattro

Baby Brezza Duo

 Baby Brezza has their own containers that you can use in the refrigerator and freezer equally as well. I probably have 40 to 50 of them between their Quattro and Duo models and I love them. Several different companies make baby food containers, but I would seriously consider the ones made by Baby Brezza because they will drop right into the unit when clean and it has a steam function to warm them up at meal time. I think that is so cool and convenient.

This food processor is very easy to clean and it takes very little space in your kitchen. After using it for about a month we even got one more for our sister-in-law, she just welcomed a baby girl, so we thought it would be a great gift for her baby shower. So if you decide to by a baby food maker, I would highly recommend this one. It maybe little bit pricey but it is well worth it.

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