Play Yards<3Jrp8rrQ When our little one learned to crawl he was around seven months old. We immediately began to think about how to protect him from hurting himself when he crawls. We do not have a lot of things around the house that may hurt him but we wanted to be absolutely certain. Crawling and exploring is very important for a baby’s development so we did not want to restrict his crawling too much. The problem is that nobody can stay next to him 24 hours a day to ensure that he will not crawl somewhere you do not want him to crawl.

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my company I researched online and looked in the baby stores for play yards that are a play area for crawling babies. I was thinking it might be very convenient and useful and it has been. We chose this colorful play yard from North State. They also come in basic colors such as white and even wood. We placed foam mat tiles on the floor covering the entire area the play yard contains. Personally I feel the mat is safer and more convenient than letting him play directly on wood floor or carpet. This definitely is the case in regards to keeping it clean. When babies spill, the mat makes it easy to wipe up the mess. Sometimes diapers can leak and nobody wants that on the carpet. When babies learn to crawl, sit and stand they fall all the time and I did not want my little one hurting himself on the wood floor.

We also got the additional two-panel extension that expands the area. Even though this extension is only two additional panels it almost doubles the area from 18.5 square feet to 34.4 square feet. We liked this because it added more space for crawling and more space to put his toys. Out of the box the play yard has a hexagonal shape. With the extension kit, we tried to arrange the play yard in a square shape. This was great but we discovered that when our boy was standing and holding on the gate it would bend at the middle of the sides and it looked like it would eventually give way and fall down. After this observation we determined that an octagonal shape would work better. I keep all his toys there instead of having them everywhere around the house. This particular play yard has a door. There are plenty of play yards without doors, but I thought it would be more comfortable for us to go in and out if we use the door instead of stepping over the panels.

Foam Floor Mat

I am really glad that we have this play yard. When I am cooking my baby boy plays in his play area with his toys and I do not worry that he may hurt himself. It is also big enough for my husband and me to go in there and play with our little one. It is easy to keep clean and it helps our baby learn how to stand on his on. Before buying this product make sure you have enough space as it takes quite a bit of space.

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