Self-soothing Baby

buy inderal online paypal There are so many tips out there about how to sooth your little one. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out which ones work best for your baby. For the first few months my baby boy was very fussy before his bedtime. Every time I put him to bed it took me about one to two hours to calm him down. He was just crying for no apparent reason and could not fall asleep.

robaxin 750 mg side effects I started to read online about what other moms do to sooth their babies. I tried rocking on a chair first. He liked rocking but not in my hands I used to rock him on the gliding ottoman that went with the glider in the nursery. He liked it a lot but sometimes it could take me 30-40 minutes of rocking. Eventually I noticed that when he started to get accustomed to rocking it was not an option for us anymore.

I tried to find another technique and I discovered that you could use a Pilates ball to calm down your baby. You sit on the ball, hold your little one in your hands in a manner comfortable for you and him and just slightly bounce on a ball while sitting. This bouncing up and down moves really helped and he was calm in almost a second. I started rocking him this way for about 10-15 minutes and he was falling asleep easily. I was happy that finally it did not take me so long to put him down to sleep. Every time he was fussy during the day or night I would use my ball. This method just worked perfectly.

One day my husband talked to me about finding a way to teach him to comfort himself without my help. He was so very right. Our baby was growing and I realized that I could not comfort him all the time. It is good for babies to learn how to fall asleep or how to calm down on their own. Thanks to my husband I found a great technique called Sleeping Through the Night. The main idea of this tactic: you leave your baby in his crib for the night. If the baby cries then you wait five minutes before responding. Then you go check on him, touch him gently, rub his head or back and talk to him in a soft calming manner. Then comes the hard part, you leave him even if he is still crying. The next time you wait seven minutes and if he is still crying you go to check on him again and do the same comforting things for about three to five minutes. Leave again even if your baby is crying. The next time you wait nine minutes and do the same thing. Go in try to calm him down for three to five minutes. You continue to do this last step at nine minutes intervals until he calms down. It is not very easy to hear your baby crying but that is what you have to do if you want him to learn how to sooth himself. It took me maybe a month before he finally learned that every times he is fussy for no reason I would not be there. During this month sometimes I used my gym ball for bouncing because he could not stop crying. Other times he was fine with me leaving him for few minutes. He frequently cried for a little bit and was falling asleep. I was really glad that I used this technique. When I put him to bed for the night he is fussy only for few minutes and then he goes back to sleep. In the morning when he wakes up a little earlier than me instead of crying to wake me up he can just crawl and play with his nighttime toys in his crib. He is happy and I am happy that he is happy.

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